Foreign Rights Department

Finding a home for your book in the American publishing market is just the start. As veterans in the foreign publishing world, we will treat your foreign publishing experience with the same commitment as your domestic sale: thoughtfully, aggressively, bringing years of experience and goodwill to the process. Our goal is for you to feel as connected to your German, Korean or Brazilian publisher as you do to your American publisher, so that you truly have a global publishing experience.

Agency co-founder Peter McGuigan has been actively engaged in foreign rights development for over 18 years. His relationships with foreign publishers, agents, and authors, and those of Foundry’s Foreign Rights Director, Mike Nardullo who has over 10 years of foreign rights experience, are rooted in great business and great friendships.

Foundry books are published across the globe. The Foundry foreign rights professionals are fixtures at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair and BookExpo America, and travel extensively to maintain their relationships with foreign publishers. Their aim is to market every project from a global perspective. Foundry currently works with the following local partners:

The Riff Agency
Abner Stein
Andrew Nurnberg Associates
Eastern Europe, Netherlands, Russia, China, Taiwan, Scandinavia
La Nouvelle Agence
Read n' Right
The Deborah Harris Agency
The Italian Literacy Agency
Japan, Thailand
Korea Copyright Center
Graal Agency
MB Agencia Literaria
Spain,  Portugal, Latin America
Akcali Copyright

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