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  Jessica Felleman

Jessica Felleman

Jessica represents a range of fiction and non-fiction, from fun pop culture, popular science, history, and psychology, to contemporary literary memoirs and graphic novels. On the nonfiction side, she looks for projects with a strong, relatable, and often humorous voice, and prescriptive titles that offer realistic advice or new perspectives that help readers better understand themselves and the world.

Jessica looks for fiction featuring compelling and underserved voices that focus on strong characters and interesting worlds, including commercial and literary fiction, fiction that balances on the edge of genre, and some science fiction and fantasy. She loves fresh stories about magic, complicated families, everyday people doing extraordinary things, and unforgettable places.

Jessica grew up in Massachusetts, earned joint B.A.s in both English and French from Syracuse University, and completed her MFA in Writing at The California Institute of the Arts. She began her publishing career at the Los Angeles based Black Clock literary magazine, and with Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises, before relocating to New York for a position at Foundry Literary + Media in 2015, where she is actively building her list.

Jessica only accepts email submissions. You can query her at For more information on submitting your project, please see the Foundry Submissions page.

33 West 17th Street PH, New York, NY 10011
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